[Glade-users] How do I . . .

First, I don't know how to subscribe to this list, so, please somebody
email me with the correct method.

The real problem:  I've built a user interface with Glade, the .glade
file exists,  I saved the file, and had to quit for the day.  I looked
at the .glade file with an editor, and it appears to be GTKML defining
all the work I put into the project.  When I come back to the project
the next day, how do I get Glade to bring the window I built back up for
further work?  I can get it to open the project, but the window I want
doesn't appear in the main Glade screen.  What is listed in that screen
is a window called Window1 and a Text Entry box called entry6.  I have
no idea where that came from.  I presume the Window1 is the basic empty
project.  I want my old window back!!

Thanks in advance for any help,

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