[Glade-users] Am I using libglade?

matt mcparland pise:
As far as I can tell, there was no use of my project.glade file at all by
the Glade-generated code.  interface.c certainly didn't make use of it.
I'm sure this is something silly that I've missed in the project options,
or something to that effect, but I'm stumped.

There are two ways how to use glade:

1) generate the code -> your program will not be linked with libglade, it'll
   use only gnome/gtk. GUI will be compiled into your binary. That's the way 
   you're trying.

2) load app's GUI dynamically using libglade. That's the way described in 

These methods are independent -- you can also combine both of them (e.g.
galeon does this -> the main window is "hardcoded" but all its dialogs
are loaded dynamically using libglade).

                                                David Ku�ela 
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