[Glade-users] hey

Ighal Joel Micha wrote:

Hello everyone!!!!
I have made a test application with glade and the source code was built.

I would like to know the things I have to do to compile the project.

In the FAQ:

3.1 How do I build the code generated by Glade?

You need automake >= 1.4 & autoconf >= 2.13 to build the generated C code.
You also need gettext >= 0.10.35 if you enabled gettext support. See the
'Requirements' section in the README file for links to these.

Run './autogen.sh' in the toplevel directory of the project to run
automake, autoconf and the related utilities to build the Makefiles. Pass
it any options you want passed to configure, e.g.

        ./autogen.sh --prefix /usr/local/gnome

Then run 'make' to build your application.

NOTE: for GNOME applications, you must also do a 'make install' so that
the pixmaps are installed properly. If you don't do that, it will still
run, but you won't see the pixmaps.


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