[Glade-users] glade files and revision control

Ken Huisman wrote:

Hi everyone,

Can glade handle multiple users working on the same
project file?

Is there a good way to share a glade file with
multiple developers?  alternately, is there a way to
merge several glade files into one (and have one
developer work on one and another work on a different

(i.e. can you use glade files in cvs or will the
file be hosed by a merge with conflicts?)

For large projects it is probably better to use libglade
with a separate Glade file for each dialog. That is what we
use for Evolution (a mailer/calendar/address book app),
and it has worked fairly well.

If you want to use the code generated by Glade, you could
still split the interface into different pieces to cut
down on the number of conflicts. I haven't tried this in
a large project but it should be OK.


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