[Glade-users] Menu Checkbox callback not called

"Damon" == Damon Chaplin <damon ximian com> writes:

    Damon> Roland Roberts wrote:
    >> "File List" is configured as a check box name "view_filelist"
    >> and I've configured the signal "toggled" to call
    >> on_view_filelist_toggled.  Inside the callback, one of the
    >> first things I do is call g_message to print out that the
    >> callback fired.  But it never does.

    Damon> It should work in a GTK+ project. But in a GNOME project
    Damon> the only signals Glade supports for menu items is the
    Damon> "activate" signal.  This is because we use the GnomeUIInfo
    Damon> structs to build the menu.  Glade could possibly add
    Damon> signals after creating the menu, but that hasn't been done.

Okay.  I was surprised since I see it *does* add signals to toolbar
buttons so I couldn't figure out why it wasn't doing it for the
GtkCheckMenuItem.  By trial-and-error (and some poking around in the
gtk headers), I finally figured out how to do this from the activate
callback (and then, of course, found it in the documentation


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