[Glade-users] Menu Checkbox callback not called

Roland Roberts wrote:

I have a menu item configured as a check box.

    View -> File List

"File List" is configured as a check box name "view_filelist" and I've
configured the signal "toggled" to call on_view_filelist_toggled.
Inside the callback, one of the first things I do is call g_message to
print out that the callback fired.  But it never does.

Here is a section from my glade file.

      <last_modification_time>Sat, 17 Mar 2001 02:36:58 GMT</last_modification_time>
    <label>File _List</label>

I am using the Helix RPM, glade-0.5.9-3_helix_1.

What am I missing?

It should work in a GTK+ project. But in a GNOME project the only signals
Glade supports for menu items is the "activate" signal.
This is because we use the GnomeUIInfo structs to build the menu.
Glade could possibly add signals after creating the menu, but that hasn't
been done.


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