[Glade-users] submenus?

guillaume infantes netcourrier com wrote:


I apologize for my poor english

I am using glade for the first time, and I encountered a little problem:
how is it possible to create submenus?
More exactly: how is it possible to set a menu created with "popup-menu" to a label of a menu bar?

my main window has, as usual a menu bar, which contains File Edit (that's quite original, isn't it) 
(created with the menu editor), but clicking on these labels does nothing, because i'd like to show a 
submenu, and i dont know how to do.

To attach the submenu by hand, I tried to edit interface.c and put the appropriate 
gtk_menu_item_set_submenu(...) and it works, but interface.c is totally rewritten every time code is 
generated, unlike callbacks.c.

You can edit menus in the menu editor. Select the menubar and
choose 'Edit Menus' from the property editor or from the popup menu.

Add items in the menu editor, and use the arrows to indent them so
you get something like this:



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