[Glade-users] submenus?


I apologize for my poor english

I am using glade for the first time, and I encountered a little problem:
how is it possible to create submenus?
More exactly: how is it possible to set a menu created with "popup-menu" to a label of a menu bar?

my main window has, as usual a menu bar, which contains File Edit (that's quite original, isn't it) (created 
with the menu editor), but clicking on these labels does nothing, because i'd like to show a submenu, and i 
dont know how to do.
To attach the submenu by hand, I tried to edit interface.c and put the appropriate 
gtk_menu_item_set_submenu(...) and it works, but interface.c is totally rewritten every time code is 
generated, unlike callbacks.c.

If anybody has a solution, I would be very very pleased.

Guillaume Infantes

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