[Glade-users] "_" underscore character in clist-labels

Bernd Hornb�ck wrote:

I'm trying to use Label-names with the character "_" in the name.
e.g.   USER_NEW

After trying around a little bit, I found out, that I have to use
two underscores after another, to get it displayed as I want
But this only works, if I edit the XML-Output file from glade
myself, because glade doesn't allow to save label-names
with two underscores "__" after another.

I've found the problem. Glade forgot to repeat the '_' characters
when getting the text out of the label.

Here's a patch:

--- utils.c.orig        Sat Jan 20 03:12:26 2001
+++ utils.c     Sat Jan 20 03:12:30 2001
@@ -1248,6 +1248,9 @@
        in_pattern = FALSE;
       label_with_underscores[j++] = label_wc[i];
+      if (label_wc[i] == '_')
+       label_with_underscores[j++] = '_';
   label_with_underscores[j] = '\0';


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