[Glade-users] Question about signal data.

Brian Wagener wrote:

Thanks for your help last time, but I have another similar question.  I
want to make a signal handler that handles the "clicked" signal of
several similar buttons.  I tried adding something like "(int)45" to the
signal data section of glade, but nothing really changed.  I am using
autoconnect() don't know if I should be using ...connect_data()
instead.  What would be the best way to do this?

libglade's glade_xml_signal_autoconnect() function assumes that the signal
data field is just a string, so it won't understand (int)45.

You could either use atoi() to convert to an integer, or you can set the
value based on the widget which received the signal, e.g.

   button1 = lookup_widget (widget, "button1");
   button2 = lookup_widget (widget, "button2");
   button3 = lookup_widget (widget, "button3");

   if (widget == button1)
     value = 45;
   else if (widget == button2)
     value = 50;
   else if (widget == button3)
     value = 55;


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