[Glade-users] Adding an image to a button.

Colin Thomas wrote:


My glade/gtk code is coming along well, and I thought it about
time to "spruce-it-up" by adding some images to my buttons.

When I add a xpm file to the button widget menu in glade though, two
things happen (or don't happen).

1. No image data gets stored to the .glade file.

The .xpm file should get copied to the project's pixmaps directory.
The filename should appear somewhere in the XML file.
Did that happen? 

2. The same file (i.e. the last selected) overrides all settings of
   images on all button images.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean here.
Did you try loading the project later and the pixmaps had disappeared?
Pixmaps seem to work OK here.

Which version of Glade are you using? Does it include the Gnome widgets?

Where were the buttons? (Send me the XML file gzipped if you like.)


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