[Glade-users] How to save Glade's windows positions ?

On Tuesday, 07 August 2001, you (Damon Chaplin) wrote:
Is there a way to save windows shapes from one run to the next ?
The sizes and positions of windows is supposed to be saved by the
window manager, as part of 'session management'.

As far as I know, session management only takes care of windows when the
session is terminated, to restore them when a new session is started.

That's not what I'm looking for.  What I meant is launching Glade several
times during the SAME session, potentially several instances of it (in
different virtual screens) at the same time.

Additionally, I'm not sure whether session management is able to tell
which of Glade's windows (window list, widget tree, clipboard,
attributes window) should be shown and which should be hidden.
And of course, I would like some exact set of Glade's windows to show up
at startup, with a precise geometry.

Though unfortunately it rarely works well.

If you use sawfish, there is an option to save the sizes & positions
of windows.

Unfortunately I use WindowMaker (but it does handle 'session management'
quite right).

Best regards,

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