[Glade-users] Size of window and other

On Tue, 2001-08-21 at 15:02, Huang, Mike wrote:
Hello, fellow Glade users,

I'm new to Glade. I'm running RH7.1 and Gnome with Glade 0.5.9. I created an
application having a window (full screen), and then used panes to divide it
into several areas with desired sizes. In those areas, I laid down some
other widgets. Built and saved it. Opened a terminal and ran autogen.sh/make
and executed the application. What I got was a small window and with the
resized panes. I'm just wondering is there any way to have a full screen (or
whatever I designed) and my original designed areas' sizes after the
execution? Basically, I want a full size window, and on top of that, put
widgets wherever I want them to be at. For the second part, I figured that
fixed position or panes should do the trick but run into the re-sized pane
problem. I posted the same question before, and someone suggested my Glade
installation might be buggy. But the problem persists with new installation.
I believe I may not use Glade appropriately. Can someone help me with this.
Also, please suggest Glade related web sites, books/tutorials. Thanks.

If you select the toplevel windows, they have default width & height
properties that you can set.

In GTK+ you try to avoid setting widget sizes explicitly, since if the
app is translated into another language (French/German etc.) the text
may not fit.

Instead, you usually set the width & height properties of widgets that
you want to have a minimum size. You then set the default size of the


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