[Glade-users] Size of window and other

On Tue, 2001-08-21 at 12:02, Huang, Mike wrote:
Hello, fellow Glade users,

I'm new to Glade. I'm running RH7.1 and Gnome with Glade 0.5.9. 

for starters I'd grab the newer 1.6.2 version..

I created an
application having a window (full screen), and then used panes to divide it
into several areas with desired sizes. In those areas, I laid down some
other widgets. Built and saved it. Opened a terminal and ran autogen.sh/make
and executed the application. What I got was a small window and with the
resized panes. I'm just wondering is there any way to have a full screen (or
whatever I designed) and my original designed areas' sizes after the

yes its near bottom of quick-start guide..you just goto main glade
window and click icon for window-widget and goto widget tab and alter as


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