[Glade-users] Size of window and other

I don't know how to get glade or gtk+ to fill the whole screen.  

On getting it to the same in glade as in execution, how are you picking 
the size of the window.  Are you using the width / hight settings under 
'Basic' tab in the properties window?

Make sure you are looing at the right size before you save the project. 
 Do this by right clicking on the window.  Go down to app1, or whatever 
you renamed it, and click on resize.

Hope this is the problem and thus the fix.

If the problem persist and no one else helps, you can send me the glade 
file, or some sample and I'll look at it.  I'm running glade 5.11.

As far as a book, there are only two I know of.  
-Benignning GTK+/Gnome Programming by Peter Wright published by Wrox. 
 Has a chapter with a glade tutor.  You build a calculator.  the book is 
well written.  My only complaint is that it is not released under the OPL.
-GTK+/Gnome Application Development, by Hovoc Pennington published by 
New Riders.  It is an experts guild.  It is under the OPL and I see 
Havoc posting all the time in the GTK+ mailiong list, which is another 
useful mailing list if your not on it.


Huang, Mike wrote:

Hello, fellow Glade users,

I'm new to Glade. I'm running RH7.1 and Gnome with Glade 0.5.9. I created an
application having a window (full screen), and then used panes to divide it
into several areas with desired sizes. In those areas, I laid down some
other widgets. Built and saved it. Opened a terminal and ran autogen.sh/make
and executed the application. What I got was a small window and with the
resized panes. I'm just wondering is there any way to have a full screen (or
whatever I designed) and my original designed areas' sizes after the
execution? Basically, I want a full size window, and on top of that, put
widgets wherever I want them to be at. For the second part, I figured that
fixed position or panes should do the trick but run into the re-sized pane
problem. I posted the same question before, and someone suggested my Glade
installation might be buggy. But the problem persists with new installation.
I believe I may not use Glade appropriately. Can someone help me with this.
Also, please suggest Glade related web sites, books/tutorials. Thanks.

Mike Huang

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