[Glade-users] Window size and ...

Hello, fellow Glade users:

O.K., I'm now three days old to Glade (I used MS Visual C++ before). Having
been experimenting it on a GUI project, I have some questions:

1. Are there convenient ways to divide a region (that can hold child widget)
into NOT equally sized regions? 
So far, what I know is using horizontal/vertical panes to achieve that, but
I don't want a user be able to adjust it, and I don't want the tab shown.

2. Why the window size of a compiled/executed application is smaller than
the one created by Glade?
I use Glade to create a window with the full screen size but it appears
smaller after I compile and executed the application. I need to click the
full-screen button to explorer it.

3. Does Glade support any database development?
All I need is to be able to store some records and retrieve them to/from a
table at this time. How to do it with Glade?

4. I installed Glademm and related c++ standard library. I run autogen.sh,
and system tells me missing macro files. I don't quite understand the
process. Can someone show me the steps to generate c++ code?

Thanks for help.

Mike Huang

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