[Glade-users] GtkSpinButton bug? - default values won't stick

It�s another hack, but you can just change the values in your callbacks file
where you create the window that holds the adjustment.
That way at least you don�t rewrite it everytime you run glade.


Kai Hui wrote:

There was a question about this issue in July but users indicated that there
was no problems.  I am using Glade0.6.2 and I am unable to change from the
default value of 100.  If I change it, save the file and generate source, it
doesn't retain my values in the interface.c file.  It is stuck at 100.  I
open the .galde file with Glade 0.5.11, make the changes and then generate
the source, the changes can be found in the interface.c file.  Is this a
known bug?  I searched the mailing list archives and did not find an
reference to a solution.  I can work around the problem by editing the
interface.c file and modifying the gtk_adjustment_new values but don't want
to do this every time I generate source code.  Any help would be

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