[Glade-users] GtkSpinButton bug? - default values won't stick

On 14 Aug 2001 22:18:32 -0700, Kai Hui wrote:
There was a question about this issue in July but users indicated that there 
was no problems.  I am using Glade0.6.2 and I am unable to change from the 
default value of 100.  If I change it, save the file and generate source, it 
doesn't retain my values in the interface.c file.  It is stuck at 100.  I 
open the .galde file with Glade 0.5.11, make the changes and then generate 
the source, the changes can be found in the interface.c file.  Is this a 
known bug?  I searched the mailing list archives and did not find an 
reference to a solution.  I can work around the problem by editing the 
interface.c file and modifying the gtk_adjustment_new values but don't want 
to do this every time I generate source code.  Any help would be 

It seems OK for me, though you have to make sure you hit the Return key
when entering the value in the property editor, and that the 'Value'
property is valid (i.e. between the Min and Max values).

Also, if you change the value in the spinbutton itself, that value will
be saved instead. It should update the property editor to reflect this,
but doesn't at the moment.


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