[Glade-users] how to get Glade to build source as C++?

Eryk Furman wrote:
.. i found GTK-- and Glade-- and think i installed the RPMs ok .. but i still get a path error in
Glade as though i dont have it installed .. im also a newbie to Linux .. so knowing how to check
my path or any config files ... is beyond me .. if any one can point me in the direction of a good
(and i know everyone asks for this) tutorial or intro to Glade / GTK / Linux programming ... or
maybe this is a real simple thing that im obviously missing .. even things as simple as telling me
to run ./configure or something like that that is needed to install a package ? is not too basic
for me ?

Have you also installed the "devel" version of these packages ?
The use with Linux distibutions, is to provide for a library L,
a package L.*.rpm which contains the library itself (L.a, L.so)
and a L-devel.*.rpm which provides programmers wit the include
files (usually /usr/inlcude/L/*.h).

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