[Glade-users] how to get Glade to build source as C++?

Im completely new to Linux programming ..im a senior in college, comp sci major who finally got
fed up with Microsoft .. and their programming environments .. that I completely switched to
Linux.  Luckily I found Glade.  It is saving me allot of heart ache by not having to learn
everything about GUI programming in Linux and GTK at one time .. right know obviously it outputs
to C ... i would like to get the source in C++ ... i did some research .. but now im all confused
.. i found GTK-- and Glade-- and think i installed the RPMs ok .. but i still get a path error in
Glade as though i dont have it installed .. im also a newbie to Linux .. so knowing how to check
my path or any config files ... is beyond me .. if any one can point me in the direction of a good
(and i know everyone asks for this) tutorial or intro to Glade / GTK / Linux programming ... or
maybe this is a real simple thing that im obviously missing .. even things as simple as telling me
to run ./configure or something like that that is needed to install a package � is not too basic
for me � 

Also I have just begun to get things like callbacks that open other widows up to work .. is there
a new syntax to learn, for those calls like gtk_widget_show (window) or other similar lines, for
the C++ code vs the C code that is written by glade .. I hope im making sense � 

any help would be much appreciated,



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