[Glade-users] More glade-- troubles


I recently created a project with glade that contains a drawing area in
a window called HOWindow. When I generate the C++ code with glade-- a
file HOWindow_glade.cc is created which contains the following lines:

100 HOWindow_glade::HOWindow_glade() : Gtk::Window(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
200    pathDrawingArea->show();
300    pathDrawingArea->configure_event.connect(
           SigC::slot(static_cast<class HOWindow*>(this), 

When I build and execute the project I notice that the event handler
on_pathDrawingArea_configure_event never gets called. However, when I
swap the lines 200 and 300 everything works fine. Does glade-- create
buggy C++ code or am I doing something wrong?

BTW, is there a special glade-- mailing list? I'm asking this since
nobody answered my (supposedly simple to answer) posting "Build Source
Code for C++ Projects".



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