[Glade-users] Opening a dialog window with a button

Parrish M Myers wrote:

Hi all,

I am extremly green with gtk in general not to mention glade.  But, in
my fooling around with creating an interface to the crontab I came up
with a question that all of you might be able to answer...

I have created two dialog windows.  To keep it simple I put one button
on the main dialog that is shown on execution of the program (dialog1).
 The second dialog is made but the gtk_show_widget(dialog2) function
has not been called yet.  (I took that line out of the main.c file as
per the instructions in the comment above the function calls.)  Now all
I want to do is open dialog2 when I click the button on dialog 1.  I
found a way of doing it, but it required me to make GtkWidget *dialog2
global.  The reason I say this is because if I rebuild the source in
glade (after a modification) the modified source gets lost... except in
main.c and callback.c.  Main seems to be the only function that knows
about GtkWidget *dialog2, so rather than passing the widget into the
create_dialog1 (which will get lost during an update using glade) I set
the dialog2 wiget global and created a callback function:

open_dialog_2 () {

You can create dialog2 just before showing it:

open_dialog_2 ()
  GtkWidget* dialog2 = create_dialog2(); /* cut'n'paste this line from main.c */


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