[Glade-users] Include others libraries in a Glade project

Marc Billaud wrote:
[quoting from hello's Makefile.am]
AC_HAVE_HEADERS(string.h fcntl.h sys/file.h)
But I do not see the place where they have included external libraries.

It's the AC_ALLOCA line.  "info autoconf" tells me that AC_ALLOCA has
been renamed to AC_FUNC_ALLOCA, but the effect is to create a
substitution for @ALLOCA@ in any file that configure.in is asked to

Since the hello Makefile.am has the line


the eventual Makefile that make uses will have the @ALLOCA@ replaced by
the appropriate compiler flags to use the alloca() function.

I do not understand exactly the meaning @INTLLIBS@ @ALLOCA@. Are these
variables already defined previously ? Or could they be redifined in
the "configure.in" ?

They are substituted by configure when it runs, provided they are
properly defined in configure.in, which in the case of hello is true.

make[2]: *** No rule to make target ``/usr/local/bin/xml-config',
needed by `project2'.  Stop.

Don't put such rules in Makefile.am, but rather use the autoconf
substitution technique.  You should carefully examine the output of
aclocal, automake, autoconf and configure in order to get to the source
of the problem.  Have a look at the Makefile that has been generated by
configure, and you should see that the xml-config line is being used as
a target rather than a substitution macro.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

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