[Glade-users] Subscribe info & question

Steve & Patti Getzinger wrote:

  First I would like info on subscribing to this list. I have looked at
Helix and found nothing related to this list.


or see the Mailing Lists page on http://glade.pn.org

Next is images. I am
getting unable to locate image errors when loading the compiled program.
When I check the path the app is looking at the file is there. I have
manually placed the complete path in source and still get the unable to
locate error. I am using Glade 0.5.11 on Red Hat 7. After running the
make and install I get a binary in /usr/local/bin and the images are
placed in /usr/local/share/appname/  Any ideas? Are there searchable
archives to this list? I know one more question than I said.

Gnome won't find the pixmaps unless you install into the same directory
that Gnome is in or set $GNOMEDIR. Hopefully Gnome 2.0 will be better.


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