[Glade-users] Option Menu Resizing

"David L. Cooper II" wrote:

I am building an application with Glade. The main window contains an
optionmenu that contains no entries. I add menu items to the menu used
by the option menu in a callback on a main window realize. When the main
window is displayed, the option menu is too short to display any of the
items that I've appended to the menu. How can I get the items in the
window to resize before the window is displayed? I don't want the main
window to resize after it has been displayed.

You could try adding the items immediately after creating the window:

  window1 = create_window1 ();
  option_menu = lookup_widget (window1, "optionmenu1");
  ... add items ...

Was there any particular reason you used a "realize" callback?


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