[Glade-users] Creating a dynamic tree

Hello again,
  Figured out the image deal seems as though we are installing to the
wrong directory. I will have to adjust the Make for this. But anyway
what I want to do I know how to do in perl but escapes me with C or GTK+
for that matter. From the start I want to search from /usr & /var down
looking for a specific file. In that file is a list that is white space
separated and I want to create a hash from that list. Naturally that
list could change. Now with this hash I want to use the keys for labels
on a notebook and the corresponding value is a path to the root
directory of that key. I want to create directory trees from that value.
I want the notebook tabs (pages) generated based on the number of key -
value entries in the hash. If the initial search comes up empty a dialog
for browse to the correct file would appear. If multiple copies appear
then a dialog asking for a choice or browse (actually the same dialog)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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