[Glade-users] Glade, Red Hat 7.0 and XInitThreads()


I just joined this list and checked the archive but did not see anything
addressing my problem.  Is there a FAQ for this list?

I was asked to find out why someone's code which built and ran under
Red Hat 6.2 did not run under Red Hat 7.0.

So I built a really simple test program on 7.0 and it worked.  So I
tried rebuilding their code on 7.0.  Regenerated the glade files,
fixed the Makefile, and it worked.

Then I started merging back the changes they had made to main.c.
When I reintroduced XInitThreads() the program stopped working.
I've learned they added this to make their X Windows calls thread safe,
and that it worked under RH 6.2.

Is this a known problem with RH 7.0?  Any work arounds?


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