[Glade-devel] 3.0 plans and offscreen branch

Hi all,
   With recent huge changes to GTK+ 3.0 (master) development, I've
decided to keep all 3.0 related changes in the 'offscreen' branch
which is already there to help us reach a 3.0 usable Glade.

For the "offscreen" branch, there is no need to maintain
compatibility with GTK+ 2.0... My plan is to regularly
merge in the changes from master into the offscreen branch
(notably the upcoming "preview" enhancement patch).

When the offscreen branch builds properly for 3.0 and actually 
works, then I will merge it back to master and remove the
current --with-gtk=2.0 option (which I'm keeping around strictly
for hacking purposes during the time we cannot build and 
run properly against 3.0).

The reason the branch is called "offscreen" is because it contains
the initial stab at rendering project widgets "offscreen" and 
painting them into the workspace, unfortunately this patch still
has alot of issues and needs to be fixed. Also the relation to
this approach and 3.0 compatibility is that with 3.0 we no
longer have the option to hack a GtkWindow to be parented
by another widget (a hack we've been maintaining for a long
time at a high cost of running after segfaulting windows that
just dont like being reparented).

It would be helpful if any contributed patches aimed at
getting Glade to compile for 3.0 be diffed against the
"offscreen" branch.

I'm also heavily considering dropping libglade support for
the new Glade which will allow me to focus alot harder on
a new and better Glade, better integration of the project
workspace and hopefully a new modular approach allowing
users to "implement" glade files as widget classes proper[0].


[0] This bug holds the work related to allowing GtkContainer
subclasses to encode GtkBuilder files directly:

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