[Glade-devel] 3.0 plans and offscreen branch

Hi Tristan!

It would be helpful if any contributed patches aimed at
getting Glade to compile for 3.0 be diffed against the
"offscreen" branch.

OK, I will try to rebase my signal editor patches on top of the
"offscreen" branch if you are still interested in them and fix the dnd
drawing code there (it's using Gdk drawing stuff...).

I'm also heavily considering dropping libglade support for
the new Glade which will allow me to focus alot harder on
a new and better Glade, better integration of the project
workspace and hopefully a new modular approach allowing
users to "implement" glade files as widget classes proper[0].

I am all for dropping libglade as it has been superseeded with GtkBuilder
and is no longer part of the 3.0 platform.


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