[Glade-devel] Problem compiling glade from git

I checked the logs for the last checkin. gtk3.0 was made as default gtk+

Try ./configure --with-gtk=2.0 to make it compile with gtk+ 2.0

2010/10/10 Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com>


I could not compile glade3 from git. I clone it from git, compiled
glib 2.27.0 and gtk+-3.0 with jhbuild but could not compile glade3. It
complains in glade-placeholder.h:

 CC     libgladeui_2_la-glade-widget-adaptor.lo
In file included from ../gladeui/glade-command.h:5,
                from ../gladeui/glade-project.h:6,
                from glade.h:30,
                from glade-widget-adaptor.c:36:
../gladeui/glade-placeholder.h:47: error: expected
specifier-qualifier-list before ?GdkPixmap?

How should I compile glade from git master?
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