[Glade-devel] Gtk+ 3.0 build

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 5:31 PM, Johannes Schmid <jhs at jsschmid.de> wrote:

But thanks for getting through the ->draw()
implementations for placeholders and all
that noise.

The placeholder drawing needs some love (background pixmap, etc.). I
will probably have a look at this again but I need some cairo guru to
help me. Shouldn't be that difficult.

PS: I'm still getting segfaults from plain
Glade compiled --with-gtk=2.0 in master
which is probably more fallout from the
GladeProject/GtkTreeModel stuff, this one
happens when simply adding a notebook
to the project (my assumption is the model/
view is not liking the order in which notebook
tabs/notebooks get added to the project).

Would be great if you could look into that...

I will try to look into this on monday.

Something else I wanted to ask: I fear that we will have quite difficult
times to get all this ready for GNOME3 as long as nobody really has time
to work on glade-3. As I fear that this will become a major regression
for the GNOME release. Note that is no critism it's just that glade is
missing manpower as you already mentioned in a blog post.

I was thinking about asking the board for help of some kind. Maybe they
can make more people aware on the importance of the project and maybe
some of the bigger contributors could donate some hours into glade or

Right now we have you and Marco doing some things for the preview
feature... also Matthias has been sending some regular little GTK+ 3.0
breakage patches...

Maybe we should try holding some irc team meeting, boil down the
blockers towards a 3.0 release, the usual drill.

In the past that approach has been successful in attracting some
contributions, if we're at least 3 willing to participate in a meeting
that should set a good atmosphere.

Maybe we can solicit d-d-l or even some gtk+ lists.

Anyway, giving it some thought over the next days...


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