[Glade-devel] glade 3.5.2 GtkTreeView


I think i found a bug, but i did not find
a place where to report bugs, so i hope
this is the right place.

I started playing around with glade and python
some days ago and today i wanted to make my
treeview sortable by clicking a header of the treeview.

After a while i thought i had everything done but
i simply couldnt click on the headers.
I checked everything twice until i found that
the option "Headers Clickable" in glade is set
to Yes, but that doesnt matter when i run my
I have to set "manually" set them clickable
with: GtkTreeView.set_headers_clickable(True)
in my program code.
I am storing the Glade code in libGlade format.

Besides that i want to thank the glade developers.
Compared to other gui builders this one is
really intuitive, fast and easy to handle.

I am very impressed with what you created here,
i just cannot say it often enough.

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