[Glade-devel] I'd like to know an architectural decision

I know such problems as:
- there is an ugly mechanism to reflect widgets state on realization.
The most problem code is "glade_widget_show_idle (...) { ...
glade_widget_show ... }   glade_widget_show (...) { ... g_idle_add
(glade_widget_show_idle ... }". It grabs the idle event. Of course,
you can just replace g_idle_add with g_timeout_add, but it would be
just a workaround. IMHO, glade_widget_show shouldn't do any actions
with GUI, but other functions should do that instead (like
gtk_widget_realize, gtk_widget_map do in GtkWidget);
- there are too many actions in glade_app_project_add e.g
glade_widget_show calling and setting current project;
- "glade_design_layout_add (...) { ... gdk_window_lower
(layout->priv->event_window); }" as an example of gdk usage where it's

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 5:06 AM, Tristan Van Berkom
<tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com> wrote:
 Ok Im not familliar with any well known hangs at anjuta startup, but I'll
 try to clarify something for you.

 Object properties are an interface to the object, a realized widget should
 not be a prerequisite of setting an object property, if there are bugs in
 some objects that is an issue. A widget object needs to use the proper
 operate correctly and at times deffer execution until realize time.

 Bottom line, objects should react well to property settings, and with
 widgets it can get tricky, Im not aware of any serious bugs in widgets
 in gtk+ in this regard, if you know any such bugs, please share them
 with us ;-)

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