[Glade-devel] I'd like to know an architectural decision

On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 10:17 PM, Pavel Kostyuchenko <shprotx at gmail.com> wrote:
In a certain sense, any visual GTK+ widget may be considered as having
 model/view structure: GtkWidget/descendants have some properties that
 are realized by using GDK (or others). As I've noticed, there is a lot
 of code using both model and view functions and causing many problems
 e.g. well known bug that hangs Anjuta on startup.
 For now I have two options:
 - minimize any actions until widgets are realized;
 - if possible, make operations independent from GUI and GUI will
 realize them when it exists.
 So, I suggest you to have your own option and I'd like to know it,
 because in the very near future I'm going to make changes in the code
 and it's hard to do for now because the code is so intricate.

Ok Im not familliar with any well known hangs at anjuta startup, but I'll
try to clarify something for you.

Object properties are an interface to the object, a realized widget should
not be a prerequisite of setting an object property, if there are bugs in
some objects that is an issue. A widget object needs to use the proper
operate correctly and at times deffer execution until realize time.

Bottom line, objects should react well to property settings, and with
widgets it can get tricky, Im not aware of any serious bugs in widgets
in gtk+ in this regard, if you know any such bugs, please share them
with us ;-)


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