[Glade-devel] [PATCH] GtkAssistant, GtkFrame, GtkExpander

pe, 2008-06-27 kello 15:20 -0400, Jonathan Gonzalez V. kirjoitti:
Antti Kaijanm?ki <antti at kaijanmaki.net> writes:

Hi Antti,

Can you submit your patch to the bug 540531[1]?

sure, thanks! done.

I fill the bug report so the main developers will see the bug and apply
the patch, which btw I tested and works perfectly =)

I've been meaning to have a bug-everyone-week during which I open bugs
for different problems I've encountered and hopefully I am able to fix
them, too. I just haven't got the time. I try to get on with it in a
couple of weeks.

 -- Antti

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