[Glade-devel] hiding/removing properties of parent classes


I'd like to use glade to generate an xml with layout of my simple not
gtk widgets
there're just a few basic classes: 1 widow, 1 container + a few other
widgets like label, button
I added a catalog with a few not gtk widgets,
the new classes have gtk parents which is fine
as I can easily find corespondig gtk classes (the container is a table)

it's all nice an easy in glade-3,
now I'd like to hide or remove properties of the parent gtk objects.
my simple classes do not need 40 different propieties to set,
for example CLabel will do with just a few, like 'name' and 'max_lenght'
and these are the only ones I'd like to see in Glade
(also I'd be good if only these are written to xml)

could you hint me if/how would that be possible?

best regards

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