[Glade-devel] Python catalog to support python widgets at runtime

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On Jun 12, 2008, at 9:49, MORGANTINI ALESSANDRO  
<a.morgantini at selca.it> wrote:

Thank you very much for your patch: it is the thing I was looking for.

A question about adaptors: in the old BINDINGS there was the ability  
write adaptors in Python. Is it possible with your patch too?

No, you can not and that was the whole point why we took out Bindings  
from the core.
It is too much work finish the gladeui binding and even more maintain it

Or do I
have to write adaptors in C (maybe inserting them into the
plugins/python/glade-python.c file)

I recomend to fix your library if posible.

Another question, but I don't know if it is correct (note that I don't
know very well autotools... :-)). Why are there some files (e.g.
m4/python.m4) which are in the SVN repository but not in the
corresponding .tar.gz archive and, on

Seems like I missed that in the patch, I will include it when the  
patch is applied in trunk

the other hand, are there some
other files (e.g. gtk-doc.make, m4/gtk-doc.m4) which are in the tar.gz
archive but not in the repository? This prevents autoreconf from
successfully running, without some hacks.

Cheers, Alessandro

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