[Glade-devel] Python catalog to support python widgets at runtime

Thank you very much for your patch: it is the thing I was looking for.

A question about adaptors: in the old BINDINGS there was the ability to
write adaptors in Python. Is it possible with your patch too? Or do I
have to write adaptors in C (maybe inserting them into the
plugins/python/glade-python.c file)?

Another question, but I don't know if it is correct (note that I don't
know very well autotools... :-)). Why are there some files (e.g.
m4/python.m4) which are in the SVN repository but not in the
corresponding .tar.gz archive and, on the other hand, are there some
other files (e.g. gtk-doc.make, m4/gtk-doc.m4) which are in the tar.gz
archive but not in the repository? This prevents autoreconf from
successfully running, without some hacks.

Cheers, Alessandro

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