[Glade-devel] Future of Custom Widget

Hi there.

I?m new to the list and would like to know two things:

1) Do you intend to let 'Custom' widget to be in the future Glade
releases? I?ve seen that in Glade 3 it is placed as GTK+ Obsolete, but
this widget is really what I need for some 'hacks' for my Gtkmm
program and I?ve based some part of my program on it. I have to be
sincere that I don?t feel able at the moment to create my own widget
to be loaded by Glade. Maybe in the future.

2) Can I sell my Gtkmm program (with closed source) considering that
it loads .glade files and process it and that Glade is released under
GPL? The team I work for want this to happen.

Really thanks.

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