[Glade-devel] Window width and height request

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 01:27 +0200, Vincent Geddes wrote:
I'd say it's a bug at this point.

Resizing the window in the workspace should only affect the default size
of the GtkWindow. Specifically, this means the "default-width" and
"default-height" properties on GtkWindow subclasses.

Right now, the resizing functionality seems to affect the
"width-request" and "height-request" properties instead, and I don't
think this is the right behaviour. I do need to discuss this issue with
Tristan, but I have not gotten around to doing that yet.

This is a bug and its my fault (Jeff please file a bug report so
I can fix it easier).

The workspace widgets used to set the default-width/default-height of
toplevel GtkWindows automatically, this functionality was temporarily 
introduced for the initial demos of the embedded workspace, there
were/are plans for making properties change upon workspace resizes -
but its most important that we dont screw with
default-width/default-height without telling the user.

The behaviour I was looking for was:
  - If the user checked/enabled the default-width/height, then
    effect the default-width/height
  - Else if the user checked/enabled the width/height-request, then
    effect the width/height-request
  - Else do nothing

Anyway, while disabling that feature I must have missed some
kind of code segment that touches upon properties when you
resize the window.


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