[Glade-devel] User report with Glade-3.1.5

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 15:07 +1100, Daniel Kasak wrote:
I've just checked out glade-3.1.5 and found the following:

- GtkLabel widgets don't render markup

Hmmm yes I think its just a glitch in the UI (i.e. at least it 
doesnt effect the outputted glade file)... we have it as:


- You can't access menu item icons in the menu editor. Existing icons ( 
which used to be displayed as a child widget of the GtkMenu ) are 
rendered in the preview, but there's no way to access / edit / add icons.

I'm not sure I understand this one, could you possibly
bugzilla it with a "steps to reproduce" ? I think there is
a case where the "child image" properties arent displayed
but I'm not sure which case...

- When widgets are selected in the inspector, they're *not* also 
selected in the preview

We've been discussing this here:

One thing I was thinking that I didnt write in the bug
comments yet was, we could make it more like link browsing
in a web page, i.e. it would be OK to preemptively switch
the toplevel in the workspace on the whim of a selection
in the Inspector, if the context menu on the inspector
at least allowed you to "Open in new tab".

The important thing here ofcourse is the ability to
select things in the inspector without losing your place
in the workspace, and to select things in your workspace
without losing your place in the Inspector respectively
(this becomes particularly important when you have >= 1000 
widgets in your project).


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