[Glade-devel] Glade-3 bug, or wrong understanding of what should happen ?

Philippe Bertin wrote:

... meaning the property "stock" would actually better be removed from 
gtk+.xml for glade-widget-class GtkButton, not to confuse the users ? 
Minor improvement, OK, but still an improvement IMHO.

No no no, the property becomes sensitive - I realize that the UI is 
quite unclear about
this - gazpacho did a better job by using a radio button to depict 
groups of usable
properties depending on another property (or another "mode" or what have 

So whats happening here - is that the preceeding "Edit Type" property, 
choses the
way in which you will edit the button: "container" (i.e. you can add 
whatever you like
to the button), "label" (i.e. the label and markup properties of 
GtkButton will do the work)
or "stock" (the "label" property of the button will be used and the 
"use-stock" property
will implicitly be set) --- when you are in "stock" mode - you can chose 
a "stock button".

The way the plugin does this is by creating the virtual "Edit Type" 
property and
setting other properties sensitive/insensitive according to the current 
property state. So we've at least achived putting this logic into the 
backen - no doubt the usability can be improved here.


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