[Glade-devel] Where is the glade repository to be found ?

Hello all,

I posted this message below, yesterday (on other gtk related group), and 
was hinted into the direction of this newsgroup. My problem was to find 
glade-catalog.dtd as refered to by 

Tristan indicated to try my luck here, and pointed me into the direction 
of the glade 'repository'. My follow-on question is : where can I find 
the glade3 CVS repository (I think that Tristan meant the *CVS* 
repository) ? I do not find a link on the homepage, apart from tarballs. 
But the file is not in there ! Google doesn't help me much neither...

Another question related to it is that I don't have any online help in 
my glade installation itself (rpm packaged by SuSE). So I consider 
installing a more recent version. But if I do, how can I be sure that my 
existing plugin (Ada code generation plugin, which I would hate to lose) 
won't disappear ? Of if it does, how can I find it back and install/copy 
it to it's new place ? As far as I understand from the glade 
documentation on the glade site, the plugin is 'only' a catalog file and 
a plugin library. But where are they so that I can eventually reinstall 
them in the correct location (or: how can I find out where they are 
located now) ?

Kind regards,


While reading http://glade.gnome.org/docs/catalogintro.html I see it 
is possible to validate any catalog file against a glade DTD (excerpt 
: "xmllint --dtdvalid glade-catalog.dtd --noout my-catalog.xml"). 
However, I have not found this file called "glade-catalog.dtd".

Yes this is a packaging problem (not sure if its in bugzilla yet), the
file can however be found in the glade3 repository at

(yes its currently missing from the built tarballs :-/)

The catalog dtd is... err... not very maintained and I'm not sure
how much good it will do you either.

Feel free to ask for help with your catalog on the glade-devel list.

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