[Glade-devel] Extending libglade with new widgets

Jeff Westerinen wrote:

I am trying to learn how to add widgets to Glade and libglade.  I
followed the GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial and created the tictactoe widget.  I then
created a widget catalog and installed it, and I'm able to use Glade3 to
create correct XML that describes a window with a tictactoe widget.
But, now, I don't understand what I must do to get libglade to recognize
the widget.  The libglade documentation says you may or may not need a
"plugin" lib for the widget.  But it also suggests that the actual
widget code itself can be used by libglade.  One way or another, it
appears that whatever library is used must have a
"glade_module_register_widgets()" function.  Does anyone know how this
all works or can anyone point me to some kind of documentation that
describes this better?

glade_xml_register_widget() must be called on any GType that is
to be built by libglade.

When you create a module in glade-3, the symbolic name is currently
used as a dependancy (notice the <requires> tag in the glade file),
this will trigger libglade to load the coresponding libglade module.

in this libglade module you must call glade_xml_register_widget() and
optionally pass in custom constructors... of you have custom parameters
on your objects (i.e. not installed with g_object_class_install_property()),
then you must call glade_xml_register_custom_prop() for these.

See $(gnomecvs)/libglade/glade/glade-gtk.c for example code.


Note, its been a while since I looked at the libglade module stuff; I'm
sure if you grep around a little you'll find the appropriate install 
prefix and
naming scheme for your libglade module :)

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