[Glade-devel] ( libglade ) Small issue with Gtk2::GladeXML and glade-3 ... text markup not working

J. Ali Harlow wrote:

On 22/05/06 06:13:09, Daniel Kasak wrote:

When I try to use markup in a label ( eg to make the text bold ), I  
get the expected results both in the glade-3 builder, and if I view  
the project in the glade-2 builder, but when I use Gtk2::GladeXML to
construct a window based on a glade-3 xml file, the markup is not  
being used.

I ran into this recently. It seems to be because glade-3 is outputing  
"pattern" as the empty string whereas it needs to be NULL (not in the  
glade file) for GtkLabel to honour markup (or underlining). I just  
added a rule to the xslt file that I use to remove empty patterns.  
Something like this should work (untested):

Ok... well thanks for bringing this to my attention...

Glade-3 doesnt save properties that are default... and the bug here was that
since some string properties are changed either by the load sequence or 
by the
entries in the editor themselves, the NULL string properies apear to 
have not
changed... but they have actually become '\0' charachters (thus the save).

Now NULL & '\0' is treated the same... after I make my next commit... 
re-saving the glade
file in glade-3 will fix the problem (it does here on my local copy... I 
just have
a few things to do before I can commit this change).

Cheers and thanks for reporting bugs :)


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