[Glade-devel] Any Debian packaging for Glade3?

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

Em Seg, 2006-06-12 ? s 18:33 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom escreveu:

getting info full release mode sometime over the next month and I
expect packages to start apearing not long after, anyone is ofcourse
welcome to package glade3...

I'm the maintainer of the glade2 package, and I'm interested in
maintaining the glade3 package as well. I'll package it as "glade" in
experimental next week, if you think that would be useful.

Hmm, Jeff from palmsource was starting to create debian packages
to distribute glade to his internal developers... so I think he might
be happy to know that he can get it from a more standard location.

I would be very happy to know that it is available in the obvious places :)

We really should have had that discussion on list, I know I havent been
using it enough lately...

Do you think having glade3 and glade2 in parallel for some time will be
needed? Are the glade files fully compatible? What about compatibility
with gazpacho?

We are *almost* feature complete... so for a short time I think
having glade2 installed in parallel is a good idea.

The glade files are fully compatable, except that since one
of our missing corners is gnome stock items... that ofcourse is
an incompatability... there may ofcourse be things added to
the glade file by glade3 that glade2 wont recognize.

glade3 does stuff gazpacho doesnt do and that works both
ways; so they are not very compatible. We should see some more
compatability going on once both tools support the new gtk
builder format.


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