[Glade-devel] Menu Editor make up

Hello this patch adds undo/redo buttons to the menu editor :)

Tristan feel free to change glade_app_[undo/redo]_button_new() related
functions to another file if you think they do not belong to glade-app.c
(I think they do because undo/redo command are app specific and not

2006-01-23  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

        * glade-app.[ch]: glade_app_[undo/redo]_button_new()
          new functions to create undo/redo buttons which are updated

        * glade-gtk.c: glade_gtk_table_has_child() fixed (bug 325791)
          undo/redo buttons added to MenuBarEditor
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