[Glade-devel] Patch for GladeInterface

Daniel Espinosa wrote:
Then Why Glade-3 doesn't create "just" not top level widgets, and let the
main program like anjuta or any that embed the glade design interface, to
create a top level window and pack the widget created by Glade?

Since glade-3 makes extensive use of object introspection
(which is the main principal behind glade-3's design); it
is essential that the project widgets be actual instantiations
of their said classes.

Obviously this calls for some special-case code; I am
quite convinced at this time that substituting a GtkWindowClass
with a SomethingElseClass (which would have to be done from
the core) would:
    a.) be more work in the end
    b.) add unneeded/unwanted complexity in the glade-3 core

I think the proposal I made here:

is an appropriate/clean solution & shouldnt cost more in terms
of time invested (also seems to me that its been done before).


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