[Glade-devel] Patch for GladeInterface

Lluis Sanchez wrote:

This patch adds a glade_interface_new() method which factorizes some
GladeInterface creation code used in a couple of files.

I'm also resending the patch that makes it possible to embed design
windows into a container window. I know this patch is not a complete
solution for the embedding issue, but it is a needed step.

It would be awesome if those patches could be included in the next
public snapshot.

Thanks for the interface patch :)

I tested your patch to glade-widget.c and didn't find any
regressions, so I am willing to add the patch to glade-3,
but not in it's incomplete state; let me explain:

Your patch special-cases the glade_widget_button_press code
so that it will detect top-level GladeWidgets without using
GTK_WIDGET_TOPLEVEL; that doesn't mean that glade-3 will
work properly with toplevels that dont bear the toplevel flag;
a quick `grep GTK_WIDGET_TOPLEVEL glade3/src/*' will tell you

What I think we need is:
     o Add: gboolean glade_util_is_toplevel (GladeWidget);
     o Adjust all code that was GTK_WIDGET_TOPLEVEL() to use
       the new glade-utils function instead (only where appropriate
       ofcourse), also taking into consideration that top-level project
       objects are not always GtkWidget (could be GtkAdjustment or

Since you're looking at that code; I thought you might want
to cast a passing glance at this:


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