[Glade-devel] Palette with small buttons

Naba Kumar wrote:

* I can create a subclass of GtkContainer, that allows these item buttons
to move around freely. An example can be seen in the GIMP palette, when
you resize the palette.

I vote for this.

/me fires up gimp and glimpses sexy palette ;-)

heh, its got my vote too if voting season is open ;-D

One important thing about the palette that slipped my mind:

   Right now the SHIFT->click palette behaviour is backwards
from glade-2, I think it makes more sence in glade-2 and it
will even simplify the code a little bit (in glade-2 press
SHIFT key and click the palette, the palette selection "sticks"
untill you reset it; in glade-3, pressing SHIFT->click on a
placeholder will create the last selected object type).

It would be nice to have a simplified api like:
     GladeWidgetClass *glade_palette_get_class (GladePalette);

Which would just return the correct widget class or null
(right now the code that would call the above function is
a little too messy for me).


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